The Picture Perfect Match System

The most economical camera system available today.

Easy to Set up:

  • No cams to adjust - timing is done on the monitor.
  • Simply press one button and the camera position and timing are set.
  • The timing of each camera can be individually adjusted.
  • Timing can be readjusted while the machine is running.
  • No unplugging and replugging in video cables to move the cameras.
  • See all cameras live at the same time and adjust brightness, contrast, etc. individually
  • If the camera is upside down to the image, two clicks rotates the picture.

Easy to use:

  • A matched image is always on the screen, no waiting for the last image to insure the match is still correct.
  • Clear color images that have adjustments for each camera for brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation, hue, and more.
  • View a history of the last 10 images to locate a mismatch.
  • Cameras zoom in to get a larger image.


  • Option to view every piece.
  • Set images to update from 1 to 20 cycles regardless of distance between cameras


  • No flimsy cable connection.
  • Connections are via USB so power and video are via one cable.

The Run Screen

Picture Perfect stores each image and displays them as frequently as desired. The images remain on the monitor until the next set of images is ready. This means that anytime the operator looks at the screen, a full matched set is there. You can display every piece if needed.

The Set Up Screen

The set up screen is an intuitive graphic interface that can be configured to resemble your machine. Press the buttons that correspond with the locations of the cameras and Picture Perfect automatically determines the correct timing for the cameras.

The Cameras

New Imaging Source Cameras





USB Camera and Flexible Stand

Camera in place on an inserter

The Picture Perfect Match System in place on a Mailcrafters inserter

The cameras are USB cameras that are mounted on a flexible stand which is attached to a magnetic base. The power and video use a single cable. The cable is routed through the middle of the stand which provides protection for the cable from moving parts of the machine.

The Picture Perfect Match System, the low cost solution for producing your match mailings, is designed for the mailer who currently hand inserts or hand inspects their match mailings. This PC based system uses cameras magnetically mounted on any swing arm inserter to display the match components on a monitor.

Picture Perfect is designed as a low cost alternative to many automatic document vision systems. Picture Perfect also has no limitations on font type, angle, or quality and needs no barcode. It's well suited for the customer that demands the most personalized look.

Please note:   This is a visual match system. Picture Perfect displays the images on the screen for operator inspection.